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"The Perfect Change."

It’s safe to say 99% of stellar talent has already been scouted and vetted. That was the hard work, and it’s done.

Collectively, as recruiters, we already possess the most refined talent pool imaginable.

We founded Recruitmates to build on that simple idea. If we all share the vetted superstars we know we can’t personally place, we all get access to ones we can. Like a “leave a penny, take a penny” of high-end talent, the perfect change can be there waiting for you. The result: placing better candidates faster than any of us ever imagined.

Glenn Fox


With more than 20 years’ experience as both a recruiter and recruiting leader, Glenn drives Recruitmates’s vision of making the recruitment of exceptional talent easier and more engaging for corporate recruiters. He strongly believes there is a billion-dollar opportunity in applying “shared-economy” principles to the highly fragmented world of corporate recruiting.

Glenn is best known as a founding member of Microsoft’s executive recruiting team, and the head of recruiting for AOL. Most recently he has helped transform the recruiting functions at Blizzard Entertainment, Johnson Controls and portfolio companies of GE Ventures.

Kim Partoll

Chief Advisor

A former executive in the telecommunications, cable, Internet and media industries, Kim left the corporate world in 2009 after serving as Chief Operating Officer of AOL where she led AOL’s strategic growth areas, expanding AOL’s offerings globally and to mobile platforms. Kim has spent the past few years investing in and advising startups building B2B solutions. Kim brings her leadership, operational and marketing skills to Recruitmates as Chief Advisor, AKA “chief butt-kicker,” and lives by the philosophy “Don’t be afraid of the problem.”

Bill McGrath


A senior finance leader by trade, Bill has also led Technology, and Business organizations, like AOL and Time Warner Cable, through rapid growth and operational transformations. His assignments afforded him the opportunity to experience other countries and cultures. He prides himself on being able to tap the power of many diverse cultures and fuse that power into high performance organizations.

Joyce Cruickshank

Operations, Delivery, Support

A 20-year veteran of both startups and industry-leading companies like AOL and Amtrak, Joyce’s hands-on, customer-centric approach to operations, delivery and support delights Recruitmates members, and, fellow team members. A well-rounded general manager with an open, coaching-oriented leadership style, Joyce also has a depth of experience in engineering, business operations and product development.

Dana Quirk


Dana is responsible for ensuring Recruitmates products and programs are fine-tuned to the needs of our members. She leverages 18+years of building products that encapsulates a rich user interface and user experience with world-class companies like AOL, McAfee, Amtrak and Time Warner Cable. Her mantra: “I don’t want to just build a “system” but want to build an experience tailored to user needs.”

Summer Blais


With more than fifteen years providing marketing and internal communications to a variety of industries and divisions including AOL and HP, Summer is thrilled to have the opportunity to lead the content and community team for Recruitmates. Having been part of this dynamic group for the last year, she is looking forward to helping recruiters connect, engage, and find solutions to common (or uncommon) problems.